Stitched folders and catalogues

Our standard stitched folders and catalogue are bound on their tops with two stitches. The stitches can have loopholes for the insertion of your papers in a binder (e.g. for cutting the cost of document revisions thanks to the replacement of selected pages only).

Our stitched catalogues can have the standard A4, A5, B5, 20×20 cm and custom sizes. The number of sheets in a document depends on the thickness of the brochure and the cover paper. Typically, the inside pages are printed on 90-170 g and the cover on 170-350 g dull chalk overlay paper. In addition, we laminate the cover with glossy or dull film to protect the back against cracking after punching and bending. Optionally, the dull film can be overprinted with UV lacquer spots.

Naturally, the inside sheets can be printed on offset paper (for manuals or notebooks). We typically print in CMYK colours or one or more Pantone colours, as specified by the Customer.