Printed envelopes

We print on envelopes of all standard sizes, with or without windows, adhesive-coated or containing self-adhesive stripes. The envelopes are made from 75-100 g offset paper.

For orders requiring top quality, we use the fine SuperMail envelopes. High quality patterns are simplex- or duplex-printed in Pantone or CMYK colours, according to your requirements.

The order size starts from 500 copies.
The following are the standard envelope sizes for graphic designs:

  • Envelope C6: size 162 x 114 mm
  • Envelope DL: size 110 x 220 mm
  • Envelope C5: size 162 x 229 mm
  • Envelope B5: size 176 x 250 mm
  • Envelope C4: size 229 x 324 mm
  • Envelope B4: size 250 x 353 mm