Pharmaceutical cardboard boxes

We make low- medium and high-run custom cardboard pharmaceutical boxes. Typically, we print on the 275 g Alaska cardboard in selected CMYK or Pantone colours. We secure the surfaces of boxes with offset lacquer or proof the surfaces with UV lacquer after printing as a standard.

Depending on your requirements, we can impress the Braille code on the surface, which is required for pharmaceutical products, for instance.

A punching die should be made once for each custom order (to be re-used for subsequent production re-runs). We have a library of many shapes of packaging (and punching dies) that we can used for your order without charging you for the production of new dies . In such case you will need to accommodate to the size of an existing punching die.

Considering the complexity of the process of manufacture of packages and the number of the printing preparation steps, we recommend that you contact us directly by phone or in person to discuss all details.


Grid boxes for download: