PDF Mockups

Our mockups feature the correct size and CMYK colour space.
The dimension specified is the total size (before trimming).
The trim line and the margin marked in the mockup should be deleted after completing the design.

Flayer mockups:
flyer A6.pdf
flyer A5.pdf
flyer A4.pdf
flyer DL.pdf
flyer 3DL.pdf

Poster mockups:
poster A1.pdf
poster A2.pdf
poster B1.pdf

Mockup of a triple-folded calendar with laminated head:
triple-folded calendar head.pdf
triple-folded calendar back.pdf

Mockups of folders for which we have punching dies:
A5 closed case.pdf
case without back.pdf
adhesive-bound case.pdf
adhesive-bound case 2.pdf
adhesive-bound case 3.pdf
adhesive-bound case 4mm.pdf
case with rubber band tie.pdf
double back case.pdf


teczka A5 zamykana_minteczka bez grzbietu_minteczka klejona 2_minteczka klejona 3_min

teczka klejona _minteczka z grzbietem 4mm_minteczka z gumka_minteczka z podwojnym grzbietem_min

Grid boxes for download: