Material Preparation

Printing input: file types and settings
We accept the input files for the offset or digital print in multiple formats, depending on the source application:

  • TIFF, PSD, JPG – These bitmap files must have at least 300 dpi resolution, colour profiles disabled, and CMYK or greyscale colours.
  • PDF – Today it is the most popular format for delivering materials to print shops. However, to be usable for offset printing, the files must be saved   in a correct version and with correct specifications. As a rule, applications such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Corel Draw contain ? For Printing? or ?Press Quality? presets and these ones should be used. If required, you can disable the JPG compression or increase the resolution above 300 dpi, which will make the resulting PDF file larger but, on the other hand, visibly improve the quality of the PDF contents and the final printout.
  • CDR – Corel DRAW files (up to version 16 or x6). In this case you should remember to attach all non-standard fonts to the main files or convert all texts contained in your design to curves.
  • AI, EPS – Vector files created by Adobe Illustrator. Embedding fonts (or converting them to curves) and linked non-vector objects (such as photos or graphic art) in the files is critical for correct preparation of the material.
  • PUB – Microsoft Publisher files saved in the MS Office 2007 version. Please remember to attach all non-standard fonts used in the files.

If you have any specific question concerning our expectations regarding your files, please contact us directly via the contact form, e-mail or by phone.